Rajaji Jungle Safari

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ramgarh Jungle safari in dehradun

Track Length: 20 Km
Safari Duration: 2-2:30 hours
Habitat: Ramgarh Zone is the nearest forest safari gate to Dehradun. The forest of Ramgarh itself is very beautiful. The forest of Sal trees spread far and wide gives you a feeling, the sunlight coming out of the trees looks very beautiful to see from one another. Seeing the one and a half meter high termite mount, it is a different feeling. The track of more than 40 kilometers of jungle safari gives you an overview of different species of animals, small and big, you can enjoy jeep safari in Ramgarh Gate, by visiting the jungle in jeep safari, you Deer, sambar, and elephant, they are seen by the guldar, due to being a forest of the year, birds of woodpacker species are found in large numbers.


Ramgarh Jungle Safari Package

Ramgarh Zone, located near Dehradun, is the perfect starting point for an exciting forest safari adventure. As you enter the forest, you will immediately be captivated by its sheer beauty. With sprawling Sal trees stretching as far as the eye can see, the sunlight filtering through the branches creates a mesmerizing display of light and shadows.

One of the highlights of exploring Ramgarh Forest is encountering the impressive termite mounds that rise up to one and a half meters in height. The sight of these architectural marvels provides a unique sense of awe and fascination.

Embarking on a jungle safari in Ramgarh offers an incredible experience, with over 40 kilometers of diverse wildlife-filled tracks to traverse. From spotting elusive animals like leopards and hyenas to admiring majestic birds soaring through the sky, every moment spent here is brimming with excitement and wonder.

As you journey through this captivating landscape, remember to keep your camera handy to capture breathtaking moments. Whether it’s beholding panoramic views or immortalizing intimate encounters with nature’s creations, each frame holds a story waiting to be told.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that Ramgarh Zone also serves as an excellent gateway for eco-tourism initiatives. Visitors can actively contribute to conservation efforts by learning about local flora and fauna, participating in tree plantation drives, or engaging in educational programs conducted by dedicated environmental organizations.

In conclusion, Ramgarh Zone near Dehradun offers a remarkable forest safari experience that combines natural beauty with thrilling encounters. Its expansive Sal tree forests create a serene ambiance while providing shelter for a diverse range of wildlife species. This makes it an ideal destination for nature enthusiasts seeking unforgettable adventures amidst stunning surroundings. So pack your bags and get ready to immerse yourself in the enchanting wilderness of Ramgarh Zone!



Morning : 6 Am to 10 Am

Evening : 2 Pm to 6 Pm



Per Person : 150/- per person  

Entry Fees :  250/- (One Gypsy)

Guide : 500/-(Normal Guide)/Rs.800/-(Expert Guide)


Per Person : 600/- per person

Entry Fees : 500/-per (One Gypsy)

Guide : 500/-(Normal Guide)/Rs.800/-(Expert Guide)