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Rajaji Safari Zones



rajaji safari zones


Rajaji National Park and Tiger Reserve is divided into 10 main safari zones including Core and Buffer.  The Core zones are open from 1st October to 30th June as well as the Buffer zones are open throughout the year.  So that the number of tourists can be managed and balanced.  Tourists can witness wildlife in jungle safari for half day and also for full day Tourists can take any safari zone as per their wish. The gate is located at a distance of about 10 to 20 km from Haridwar and Rishikesh city.



Track Length : 36 Km, Circular
Safari Duration : 2:30 hours
Habitat : Chila Range of Rajaji National Park is very famous for jungle safaris. Chila Gate is located in the bypass road of Haridwar and Rishikesh. Chila is about 10 kilometers from Haridwar and Chila is located at a distance of about 20 kilometers from Rishikesh whenever you visit. Coming to Haridwar from Rishikesh, in the middle you get the Chila range where you also go for jungle safari. The dam located in Chila is also very famous where 144 MW of electricity is produced. It is located on the Shakti canal, the sunset point of Chila. It is also very famous in itself, from where you see the sun setting and the light of the setting sun is around the Ganges river, this scene is very beautiful in itself. There is a shop where you can also enjoy tea Rajaji National Park There is a jungle shop near Chila Gate, from where you can get books related to nature, gift items, caps related to Rajaji Park, T-shirts, hats and different types of souvenirs.



Track Length: 25 Km, Circular
Safari Duration: 2 hour
Habitat :
 Motichur Safari Zone is the famous gate of Rajaji National Park, here Sal Forest is very amazing in itself, Tourists do a Safari of about 25 km here. The forest of Motichur looks very dense, In which the Leopard sitting inside the bushes is sometimes seen by the tourist. Tourists are seen small herds of elephants  in summer, along with Spotted Deer, Sambhar Deer and Barking Deer, Wild Bore. Due to the forest of Sal. Woodpackers are more visible as well as Hornbills and Barbets are also seen eating fruit in ficus trees, If you have an expert guide with you then Leopard Sighting can be very good.



Track Length: 25 Km, Straight
Safari Duration: 2 hours
Habitat :
The safari of Ranipur zone is about 25 kms, in which tourists have a chance to see Spotted Deer, Sambhar Deer, Nilgai, Barking Deer as well as Leopards. The forest of Ranipur Range is surrounded by small hills and small grasslands.  So somewhere you will get to see the  Mixed forest, here many species of Owl are seen in the forest and often the Leopard is seen sitting on the wall.




Track Length: 30 Km
Safari Duration: 2:30 hours
Habitat: Jhilmil Jheel Safari has its own pleasure, It is called the buffer zone of Rajaji National Park, it comes under the Haridwar Forest Division. Whenever tourists go to Jhilmil  Safari, they are given a drive of about 30 km here, there is a mix forest and river Ganges.  There are large Patera grasslands on the banks of which are often seen Swamp Deer, Spotted Deer, Sambhar and Wild Boar. Jhilmil lake is also quite famous for Leopard and Elephant.  The area of ​​Jhilmil is considered to be very ideal for birds. Here, along with migratory birds, resident birds are also seen in large numbers. Tourists come here from far and wide to see Eagles and Vultures. More than 250 species of…



Track Length: 20 Km
Safari Duration: 2 hours
Habitat: Ramgarh Zone is the nearest forest safari gate to Dehradun. The forest of Ramgarh itself is very beautiful. The forest of Sal trees spread far and wide gives you a feeling, the sunlight coming out of the trees looks very beautiful to see from one another. Seeing the one and a half meter high termite mount, it is a different feeling. The track of more than 40 kilometers of jungle safari gives you an overview of different species of animals, small and big, you can enjoy jeep safari in Ramgarh Gate, by visiting the jungle in jeep safari, you Deer, sambar, elephant, they are seen by the guldar, due to being a forest of the year, birds of woodpacker species are found in large numbers.



Track Length: 25 Km
Safari Duration: 2:30 hours
Habitat: We also know the Chillawali Zone by the name Mohand, Mohand Gate National Highway 72A is in the middle of Delhi to Dehradun Highway. The rocky plain of the Himalayas is visible, as well as the hills of the Shivalik range of foothills of the Himalayas are also seen here, along with the tiger, you can also see the leopard. The forest of Mohand is considered the best for the leopard. There is a safari of about 35 km including the big roads, here along with deer,  elephant, leopard and tiger etc… are also seen, Mohand Gate itself is known as Jungle Safari Dehradun. The forest of Mohand has supernatural beauty in itself, here you will get to see big water hole in which animals and birds often drink water, big banyan trees keep your mind. Mohlete Mohand Gate is considered to be the most ideal gate for Leopard Safari, often in a safari here. I get to see more than two and three leopards. Mohand Gate is also known as Jeep Safari Dehradun.

Tigers in Rajaji National Park

pebble river jeep drive

Track Length: 36 Km
Safari Duration: 2:30 hours
Safari Track starts near Chilla Dam As soon as you enter Andher Safari Zone, there comes a dense forest in the beginning in which you can see a leopard hiding somewhere.  As you move forward, you will see small herds of deer, as well as the river Ganges in the left hand, the open forest on the right becomes dense at some places, this area is the perfect place where you can see elephants water.  You can see drinking as well as many migratory birds will be seen here in winter time.


mountain jungle jeep drive

Track Length: 40 Km
Safari Duration: 3 hours
We take you on one of the most scenic routes of the Haridwar and Rishikesh areas. Our trip starts in an open jeep with a 15km drive through the buffer zone of Rajaji National Park, along the upper Ganga Canal. We now drive 12km through a dense sal forest, leading up to a scenic mountain drive, taking us to over 3,000ft in the hills. In Mountain Drive, you will see small hills Surrounded by clouds, In which small clouds look like cotton, which will make you happy to see a very clear sky blue.