Rajaji Jungle Safari

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Motichur Entry Gate


Track Length: 25 Km, Circular
Safari Duration: 2 hour
 Motichur Safari Zone is the famous gate of Rajaji National Park, here Sal Forest is very amazing in itself, Tourists do a Safari of about 25 km here. The forest of Motichur looks very dense, In the Leopard sitting inside the bushes is sometimes seen by the tourist. Tourists are seen as small herds of elephants in summer, along with Spotted Deer, Sambhar Deer, and Barking Deer, Wild Bore. Due to the forest of Sal. Woodpeckers are more visible as well as Hornbills and Barbets are also seen eating fruit in ficus trees, If you have an expert guide with you then Leopard Sightings can be very good.


Motichur Safari Packages

Motichur Safari Zone serves as the prominent entrance to Rajaji National Park, offering visitors a captivating experience with its magnificent Sal Forest. This revered area is known for its dense foliage that presents an immersive environment for tourists to explore. Embarking on a safari spanning approximately 25 kilometers, travelers have the opportunity to witness the innate beauty of this remarkable forest.

Within the depths of Motichur’s verdant landscape, wildlife enthusiasts may be fortunate enough to encounter stealthy leopards camouflaged amidst the thick bushes. Although their appearances are sporadic, these majestic creatures occasionally grace tourism with their presence, leaving a lasting impression on those lucky enough to sight them.

During the summer months, small herds of elephants can often be observed ambling gracefully through the wilderness, adding an enchanting element to the safari adventure. Additionally, one can spot an array of captivating animals such as Spotted Deer, Sambhar Deer and Barking Deer along with Wild Boar roaming freely in this untamed domain.

Motichur Safari Zone within Rajaji National Park encompasses an awe-inspiring Sal Forest that enthralls visitors with its astonishing density. Driven by a desire for adventure and a zest for close encounters with nature’s wonders, tourists embark on an exhilarating 25-kilometer journey. Traversing through this trove of biodiversity allows individuals to witness elusive leopards concealing themselves among the intricacies of shrubbery—a rare spectacle that delights wildlife enthusiasts from around the globe.

As the scorching summer sun casts its rays upon the land, glimpses of graceful elephants materialize amidst Motichur’s emerald expanse. These gentle giants traverse through the forest in small groups, their tranquil presence lending an air of tranquility to visitors’ exploration.

While venturing deep into this thriving ecosystem, trekkers chance upon a vibrant tapestry of diverse fauna.



Morning : 6 Am to 10 Am

Evening : 2 Pm to 6 Pm



Per Person : 150/- per person  

Entry Fees :  250/- (One Gypsy)

Guide : 500/-(Normal Guide)/Rs.800/-(Expert Guide)


Per Person : 600/- per person

Entry Fees : 500/-per (One Gypsy)

Guide : 500/-(Normal Guide)/Rs.800/-(Expert Guide)