Rajaji Jungle Safari

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Track Length: 25 Km, Straight
Safari Duration: 2 hours
Habitat :
The safari of Ranipur zone is about 25 kms, in which tourists have a chance to see Spotted Deer, Sambhar Deer, Nilgai, Barking Deer as well as Leopards. The forest of Ranipur Range is surrounded by small hills and small grasslands.  So somewhere you will get to see the  Mixed forest, here many species of Owl are seen in the forest and often the Leopard is seen sitting on the wall.


Ranipur Safari Packages

In Rajaji National Park safari in Ranipur zone covers an impressive distance of approximately 25 kilometers, providing tourists with ample opportunities to spot various wildlife species. Visitors can expect sightings of Spotted Deer, Sambhar Deer, Nilgai, Barking Deer, Elephant, and, if lucky, even Leopards. The charm of the forest within the Ranipur Range lies in its surrounding small hills and delightful grasslands. As you traverse through this diverse landscape, be prepared to witness the splendor of a mixed forest that hosts an array of captivating owl species. Additionally, it is not uncommon to come across Leopards perched on the walls within this enchanting sanctuary.

With its expansive stretch of 25 kilometers, the safari in Ranipur zone guarantees a thrilling adventure for eager wildlife enthusiasts. The region boasts an astonishing variety of animals waiting to be discovered – from graceful Spotted Deer grazing in open clearings to majestic Sambhar Deer meandering through dense foliage. Further adding to the allure are sightings of Nilgai and Barking Deer dotting the landscape.

What truly sets apart the safari experience in Ranipur is not only the range of remarkable creatures but also its unique landscape composition. This picturesque wilderness is encompassed by gentle rolling hills that paint a breathtaking backdrop against which nature unfolds its wonders. Amidst these undulating terrains lie pockets of delicate grasslands contributing to the area’s overall scenic appeal.

Ranipur’s magnificent forest is renowned for its splendid biodiversity, attracting birdwatchers far and wide. Wander through groves teeming with life as numerous owl species flit about overhead like ethereal apparitions against the canopy backdrop. Their distinct calls filling the air create an almost surreal soundscape that complements the vibrant energy emanating from every corner of this magical woodland.

Prepare to be enthralled by more than just avian inhabitants as you venture deeper into this natural haven.



Morning : 6 Am to 10 Am

Evening : 2 Pm to 6 Pm



Per Person : 150/- per person  

Entry Fees :  250/- (One Gypsy)

Guide : 500/-(Normal Guide)/Rs.800/-(Expert Guide)


Per Person : 600/- per person

Entry Fees : 500/-per (One Gypsy)

Guide : 500/-(Normal Guide)/Rs.800/-(Expert Guide)